Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone

Although the risk of fruit fly outbreaks is greater in the warmer months, it is illegal to take fresh fruit into the Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone all year round.

The Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone encloses selected irrigated horticultural areas of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, into which it is illegal to carry fresh fruit without a permit. There is a risk that the fruit may carry hidden fruit fly eggs or maggots. Random mobile roadblocks operate within the zone and the minimum fine is $200. No fruit, no fine!

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Our logo "Fang" the fruit fly - is seen on road signs on major highways entering the Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone (FFEZ). This makes our message recognisably distinct.

Things to Keep in Mind when travelling:

  • Travelling to school by bus has statistically been proven to be safer for school children

  • When driving, always give way to buses pulling out of kerbs

  • Do not overtake a bus while it is turning

  • Be sure to take out travel insurance before you go away for holidays. Travel insurance can be arranged from most travel agencies, AFTA or your local Bus and Coach Association.

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